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8 Reasons You Should Launch a Virtual Summit Instead of or Before an Online Course

By Bailey Richert | Queen of Virtual Summits

Some of the links contained in this article are affiliate links. Infopreneur Productions LLC may receive commission(s) if you click on the link(s) and make a purchase from the affiliate. Questions?

So many infopreneurs I meet are absolutely convinced that the path to health, wealth and happiness lies with the launching of an online course.

Don't get me wrong; I love online courses as a revenue stream for infopreneurs! I have several of them myself, of course.

But what many infopreneurs don't realize is that, depending on where you are in your business growth, launching a virtual summit instead or before may offer more substantially greater benefits.

For example, a beginning infopreneur without a large email list or audience to sell an online course to may not be able to make many sales, but by launching a virtual summit they can grow and monetize their email list at the same time!

In this blog post, I share 8 reasons an infopreneur considering an online course may want to consider launching a virtual summit instead, or at least beforehand.

#1: Grow your list at the same time you are monetizing.

A lot of infopreneurs don't realize that a revenue stream of any kind is only going to help you earn money if you have an audience already to sell that product to!

So the thing about online courses is that there's often a pre-step that has to come before you actually sell the item, and that is: audience-building.

There's lots of different ways to grow an audience, but the best way still today - if you plan on selling products to them - is growing your email list of potential customers.


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As your business grows, you'll notice there is an undeniable, direct correlation between the size of your email list (assuming you are also focused on curating a list of qualified leads and not just anybody) and the number of sales you make.

That's why, when working with coaching clients who come to me wanting to launch a course on day 1, I simply tell them the harsh truth: you're not going to make any money if you do that since you haven't built an audience to sell your product to.

To focus on audience-building first is going to be so time-consuming, and it will delay the time they can make actual sales of an online course.

BUT with a virtual summit, you can actually grow your email list and monetize it with sales of your all-access pass at the same time!

So the overall time frame until you start making money is incredibly shortened since you don't have to grow your list then sell your course.

#2: The 90-day virtual summit launch process is usually much faster than launching an online course.

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///   Discover how to explode your email list in 90 days without  paid ads!

Depending on the process you follow for launching your online course (e.g. pre-sell or not, find affiliates or not), it can take many months, even up to a half a year before your online course can get off the ground.

A virtual summit takes just 90-days if you follow the 12-step process I've outlined in this blog post.

#3: Built-in urgency associated with a virtual summit encourages sales.

There's no doubt about it, urgency and scarcity are two marketing tactics that absolutely help increase sales. But if your hopes are to launch an evergreen course, meaning that it's available to buy 24/7/365 on your website, urgency and scarcity are exactly the two things that usually are missing.

(Yes, you can incorporate authentic urgency and scarcity into your sales funnel to sell an evergreen online course. Click here to download my free 7-Figure Funnel Blueprint to learn more!)

With live launches, such as the live launch of a virtual summit, urgency and scarcity are naturally built-in to the process since the live event is only for a limited period of time. What's even better is that this urgency and scarcity is authentic, meaning it's actually guided by the real start and end dates of your live summit.

#4: Launching a virtual summit requires you build your network of infopreneur peers.

When launching an online course, chances are you'll create most of the content yourself. Maybe you'll reach out to a few people in your network to do guest interviews as a course bonus, but it's unlikely you'll have lots of collaborators.

Online courses simply don't necessitate that you network with your peers, but a virtual summit, on the other hand, does - and that's a good thing!

Having an entire group of peers who were essential in creating the content (the interviews) for your virtual summit means you have an entire affiliate 'army' right there, ready to promote your event to their audiences, increasing the reach of your virtual summit, and therefore also your own email list and sales.

But more so than just that, the network of people that you meet during the process of launching your virtual summit will be able to help you far beyond the summit itself. Your summit guest speakers might have their own podcasts, YouTube channels or other platform for which they might want to interview you. They might have potential clients they can refer to you. They might be willing to swap testimonials with you when the summit is over.

#5: Content creation is so much easier in a virtual summit.

Most course creators record the bulk of their content themselves. Perhaps they might invite a guest speaker to join them for a bonus interview or two, but the burden of the course content really falls on them.

Even if you aren't a perfectionist, even if you are a fast video creator, recording all the content for an online course is still time-consuming, to say the least! You have to create slides, record narration, do screen capture, edit the videos, render and post them - and more!

The task of content creation for a virtual summit is so much easier. The content is the speaker interviews you'll record with your guest experts. Each takes an hour, maximum. Aside from minor editing, you don't have to create slides, redo any narration you might've messed up, worry about fancy screen capture.

#6: Huge visibility to other's audiences through virtual summit promotions leads to further opportunities.

As mentioned in #4 above, you'll grow your network of peers by doing a virtual summit, and this is going to lead to additional opportunities to market yourself. For example, they might invite you to be a part of their podcasts as a guest speaker.

It is the visibility you gain from these opportunities that can lead to additional revenue for you down the road.

For example, after one of my previous summits, I was invited to be interviewed on a podcast. Several months later, someone listening to that podcast hired me to be his coach for several thousand dollars! And if that wasn't great enough, he recommended me to a friend who then hired me to be their coach! Two coaching clients from one podcast interview came from the opportunities given to me by peers I networked with during my virtual summit.

#7: With a virtual summit, you have a proven way to pre-sell an online course as an upsell to your summit All-Access Pass.

In #1 above, I mentioned that you can grow your list and monetize at the same time! Most people think this refers only to sales of your All-Access Pass, the primary offer in a virtual summit funnel. However, you are certainly not limited to this product alone.

In this blog post, I share 9 different ways you can monetize your virtual summit, but specifically, you should know that you can absolutely sell an online course in your virtual summit funnel!

I recommend selling your online course as an upsell, so people can add it to their order with the single click of a button after they have already purchased their All-Access Pass.

What's even more great about this technique is that you can pre-sell  your online course in your virtual summit funnel. Take advantage of all the traffic that is running through your virtual summit funnel to see if they would be interested in buying your new program. Pre-sell it as an upsell to hot leads (a.k.a. previous buyers) who have just purchased your All-Access Pass.

#8: A virtual summit sets you up with the audience necessary to have a successful course launch right afterwards.

After reading #7 above, you might be wondering why you would want to pre-sell your course to just the people who bought the All-Access Pass in the virtual summit funnel as an upsell when you could be launching your online course to your entire audience instead.

I say, why not both?!

If you pre-sell your online course as an upsell in your virtual summit funnel first, you can get idea validation for your online course, ensuring that, in fact, your audience is willing to pay for the program you want to create.

If your course doesn't sell well as an upsell in your virtual summit funnel, you can return to the drawing board and reconsider your offer before pitching to your audience at large.

But, if your course does pre-sell well, then you are perfectly positioned to launch your course to your entire audience, which has just grown substantially from the virtual summit you just hosted!

Now when you go to launch your online course, you'll make many more sales than you would have if you hadn't done any list-building activity beforehand.

///   Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links contained in these articles and website are affiliate links. Infopreneur Productions LLC may receive commission(s) if you click on the link(s) and make a purchase from the affiliate. Questions?

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links contained in these articles and website are affiliate links. Infopreneur Productions LLC may receive commission(s) if you click on the link(s) and make a purchase from the affiliate. Questions?

Free Masterclass

Discover how to explode your email list in 90 days without  paid ads!

Free Masterclass

Discover how to explode your email list in 90 days without  paid ads!

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