How to Launch a Virtual Summit in 90 Days
The tested, proven system for exploding your email list, establishing your authority and much more in just 3 months!
What exactly is a virtual summit? How do they work, and why are they an incredible business building technique for any niche?
What you must know and do to get people to agree to be speakers on your summit, even if you're a total beginner with no connections!
Bailey has perfected her proven 12-step system to launch a virtual summit in just 90 days. She will break it down for you!
About Your Presenter
Hi! I'm Bailey Richert, business coach for infopreneurs.
In 2016, I hosted my very first virtual summit, and it completely transformed my business - and my life.
Since then, I began studying virtual summits, perfecting them, and hosting many, many more.
Today, I'm one of the internet's foremost experts on hosting virtual summits, having guided literally hundreds of my students and VIP clients through the process that I use today to host my own annual Infopreneur Summit.
In fact, you might know me from Russell Brunson's 30 Days Summit. He hired me to organize and execute his event for ClickFunnels in 2018, with incredible results.
In just under 14 days, the summit reached $1 million in sales, earning me the ClickFunnels 2-Comma Club award!
Russell isn't the only one who has benefited from my virtual summit methods.
Here's what other business owners are saying about me:
All of these individuals have implemented my 12-step process for hosting a virtual summit in just 90 days. Why did they choose my system?
Because it works. 
Register today for your free spot in my upcoming masterclass to learn more about launching your own virtual summit!
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