Virtual Summit School
Launch Your Own Virtual Summit in 90 Days
Virtual Summit School
Explode Your Email List
Establish Your Authority
Launch Your Own Virtual Summit in 90 Days
Are you looking for a way to give your business the serious boost it needs?
Launch your own virtual summit.
A virtual summit is an online event during which experts in your niche come together to provide free advice to audience members through video sessions.
Virtual summits are incredible for...
+ Growing Your Email List / Newsletter Subscribers
+ Increasing Membership in Your Online Community (e.g. Facebook Group)
+ Producing Revenue and Gaining More Clients
+ Building New Relationships with Influencers
+ Establishing Your Authority and Increasing Your Visibility in Your Niche
How do I know this?
Because I host one annually!
(...and have helped many others with theirs!)
High-Value Course Launch is the 8-week program which shows you how to create and launch a high-value online course from scratch.
This program puts an end to the iconic new course-creator problem
of trying to figure out which tasks they should be doing
and in what order to make money with online courses. 
I walk you through, step-by-step, the process to follow in order to launch
a profitable online course without succumbing to overwhelm

So just who am I?
Hi! I'm Bailey.
Business Coach for Beginning + Budding Infopreneurs
I help individuals launch profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles.

Learn more about me and my work at
I host the annual Infopreneur Summit.
These are the ways the latest Infopreneur Summit in 2017 grew my business!
2,947 new email list subscribers.
By asking the guest speakers on my summit to share my event with their email lists,
I was able to register thousands of people who became followers of my work.
$16,900+ in revenue / $8,900+ in profit.
Over $16,900 in sales of the summit All-Access Pass, existing courses and coaching packages from clients who found me through my summit was earned in just the 4 weeks surrounding the summit and its promotion.
560 new Facebook group members.
By offering an online place where the attendees could receive up-to-date summit information
and engage with the event speakers, I grew my Facebook group by 560 members.
45+ new relationships with influencers.
Through the process of coordinating and recording their summit interviews,
I built long-lasting relationships with influencers on my field.
Gigantic visibility + new opportunities.
Since hosting my own summit, my email list continues to grow faster than ever before, I've been asked to be on other peoples' summits, and I've been approached about numerous guest posting and podcasting opportunities.
Virtual Summits DO WORK, but Here's The Truth
There is a lot involved in launching your own virtual summit!
You have to successfully convince guest speakers to join.
Reaching out to influencers you admire and convincing them to speak on your summit is not easy! It requires the right amount of flattery, humility and financial incentive (a.k.a. affiliate relationship).
You have to know how your technical systems all work.
You'll need to schedule interviews, record audio and video, host a sales funnel, collect payments, and more. Attendees aren't going to waste their time fighting bad technology to watch your interviews.
You have to promote your summit correctly.
Setting up a landing page isn't all that's involved in hosting a virtual summit that produces results.
You need to have the right marketing strategy to make it work.
Instead of wasting precious time and money figuring out the right way to host a virtual summit by yourself, 
would you let me show you how it's done?
"What a difference a host makes. I've been part of quite a few summits this past year and hands down yours, Bailey, has rocked my world the hardest. A lot of summits feel like a sleaze infested cattle call, but not yours. Some how, someway, you made it feel, from the back-end to the front end, like a continuous happy hour of learning, laughing and networking. Summits are no easy feat, but clearly you've cracked the secret code, because you made it look and feel effortless every step of the way. I can't wait to see the way summits change when YOU start teaching peeps how to do them!"
- Andrea Beltrami, The Branded Solopreneur
"I have been involved in over 20 collaborations with other business owners, and I have never felt so comfortable, relaxed, and excited as I did when I was a part of Bailey's virtual summit. Her process for launching a summit is easy, efficient and I didn't have to over analyze anything because she communicated her process very well. I would do a summit with Bailey over and over again! It was a total blast! As a speaker on her Infopreneur Summit who got to see how she runs summits up close, I know for sure I'll be using her methods in the Virtual Summit School to launch my own summit when I'm ready. Anyone who wants to learn a summit should look to Bailey - her process rocks!"
- Brie Beeks, Blissful Bosses
"Bailey, you were so well-organized, and the structure of your summit was fantastic! I can absolutely vouch for the caliber of your work. Running a summit is not for the faint at heart....and teaching someone else how to run a summit is even more demanding.  I'm sure people will be blown away by what you will be able to offer them.  I can already see a huge difference between your summit style and others' after having been a part of yours--tough act to follow :) "
- Kari Sayers, Teach and Flourish
"It was simply a pleasure to be a speaker for Bailey's virtual summit! Every step of the way was well prepared, professional, and easy for me to participate in as a speaker. Bailey took care of every detail, and I could tell from the excellent feedback by participants that everyone received great value from the experience. I would happily be a part of any of Bailey's future endeavors based on my experience in her summit!"
- Summer Tannhauser, Lady Boss League
If you're ready to elevate your email list, revenue, relationships and more to the next level, 
you are ready to launch a virtual summit!
If you're ready to launch your summit in the most effective way the first time,
you need to learn my 12-step process!
Virtual Summit School
Launch Your Own Virtual Summit in 90 Days
What Will You Receive in the Virtual Summit School?
Step-by-Step Video Instruction + Email Scripts + Video Scripts + Worksheets + Templates / Guides
Virtual Summit School is a self-paced program intended to provide you with
instructional video and additional resources you need to succeed.
9+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Instruction
Through self-paced videos, the Virtual Summit School provides you with the exact step-by-step instruction you need to launch your own virtual summit in 90 days completely from scratch. 

Videos include a mixture of lectures as well as screencasting.
20 Email Scripts
A virtual summit requires writing A LOT of emails between guest speakers and attendees. In the Virtual Summit School, you will be provided with 20 fill-in-the-blank scripts to make this process much easier.

Email scripts you will be provided include: 

► First Email Script to an Influencer, Inviting Them to Speak on Your Summit
► Second Email Script to an Influencer, Sharing Your Summit Details
► Third Email Script to an Influencer, Scheduling Their Summit Interview
► Reminder Email to Influencer About Their Upcoming Interview
► Promoting Your Summit to Your Email List for the First Time
► Promoting Your Summit to Your Email List for the Second Time
► Confirmation Email Sent to Attendee Upon Initial Registration
► Second Email Sent to Attendee Upon Initial Registration
► Sneak Peek Email Sent to Attendees 2 Weeks Before the Summit Kicks Off
► "Win a Free All-Access Pass" Promotional Email
► "Final Chance to Win an All-Access Pass" Promotional Email
► Invitation to Guest Speakers to Sign Up as Summit Affiliates + Promote
► Reminder Email to Guest Speakers About Their Interview Going Live
► "How the Summit Works" Email to Registered Attendees
► "The Summit Starts Tomorrow" Email to Registered Attendees
► Daily Morning Email to Registered Attendees with Interview Links
► Daily Evening Email to Registered Attendees with Interview Links
► Summit Closing Remarks / Final Email to Registered Attendees
► Guest Speaker Follow-Up Email After Summit Ends
► Email to Anyone Who Opts In After the Summit is Over
2 Video Scripts
Hosting a virtual summit requires that you make a few videos of yourself alone, aside from the interviews with your guest speakers.

Video scripts you will be provided include: 

► Video script for your summit optin / landing page, welcoming visitors and encouraging them to register
► Video script for your summit confirmation page, thanking visitors for registering
2 Worksheets
Planning a virtual summit is a lot of work! It can be helpful to write it all down on paper. The worksheets provided in the Virtual Summit School are intended to make it super simple to work through your summit planning and execution. 

Worksheets you will be provided include: 

► 2-page virtual summit planning PDF to help you get clear and organized on your event details
► Guest speaker checklist, to ensure you have done all the tasks surrounding each interviewee
6 Templates / Guides
Isn't it great when you have a plan you can follow? When you don't have to put too much thought into it? The templates provided in the Virtual Summit School are intended to make your job easier by giving you the fill-in-the-blank, step-by-step, no frustration guidance you need to get the job done.

Templates you will be provided include: 

► Facebook Ad copy and image template / examples that promote your summit you can replicate
► Social media image examples for Instagram and Twitter that promote your summit you can replicate
► Guest speaker interview question template to fill out before you conduct each interview for your summit
► Optin page template PDF showing you how to design the perfect optin page (homepage) for your summit
► Interview landing page template PDF showing you how to design the perfect interview broadcast page
► 90-Day Virtual Summit Launch Plan, explaining each day what you should do to move your summit forward
90-Day Color-Coded Calendar (2 Pages)
The 12-step process taught in Virtual Summit School fits into a 3-phase, 3-month system, which is shown at a high-level in this color-coded calendar. The first 30 days (Planning Phase) is represented in red, the second 30 days (Creating Phase) is in yellow, and the final 30 days (Launching Phase) is represented in green. 

The calendar details in text what tasks should be handled during each week of the 90-day process, and during the Launching Phase the promotional activities are shown on particular days leading up to the summit's kick off. 
90-Days of Detailed, Daily Instruction (7 Pages)
To complement the color-coded calendar, 7 pages worth of detailed text has been provided which explains what steps and actions need to be taken by the host to successfully launch a virtual summit in 90 days. 

This Launch Plan also cites which modules, email scripts, video scripts and other course materials the host should refer to when completing the assigned tasks. 
Just like the folks in these case studies did, 
What You Need is a Road Map to Show You Where to Start
and how to get to where you are headed
What Will You Learn in the Virtual Summit School?
Phase 1: Planning (First 30 Days)
0.  Introduction
+ What is a Virtual Summit?
+ How Virtual Summits Work
+ Why Virtual Summits are Win-Win-Win Scenarios
+ Managing Expectations vs. Effort
+ Reviewing the 90-Day Virtual Summit Launch Plan
1 + 2.  Logistical + Content Planning
+ Deciding Upon Your Virtual Summit Topic
+ How to Name Your Summit + Why This Method Works
+ Choosing the Ideal Length of Your Virtual Summit
+ Deciding Your Summit Launch Dates
+ Deciding Your Summit All-Access Pass Pricing Tier
+ Planning Your Summit Sub-Topics
+ Creating Your Virtual Summit Agenda
+ Including a Welcome Video + Closing Remarks
3.  Technology Overview
+ Overview of Hardware You Will Need to Host Your Summit
+ Overview of All-in-One Solution vs. Piecemeal Solution
+ Software You Will Need (Not Dependent on Your Solution Choice)
+ Software You Will Need (Dependent on Your Solution Choice)
+ What to Consider When Choosing Your Software Solution
+ Comparing the Costs of Both Software Solutions
4.  Influencer Outreach
+ How to Find Speakers For Your Summit Using Free Resources
+ What are 'Mid-Level' Influencers, and Why You Should Seek Them
+ How to Connect and Convince Influencers to Join Your Summit
+ Coordinating with Your Guest Speakers to Schedule Interviews
+ What You Need from Every Guest Speaker Before Their Interview
Phase 2: Creating (Second 30 Days)
5.  Sales Funnel Design
+ The Ultimate, Simple 4-Page Virtual Summit Sales Funnel
+ How to Brand Your Summit without Spending a Dime on a Design
+ The Easy, Clear Optin Page Design that Gets Visitors to Register
+ The 2 Emails You Should Send to Your Attendees Upon Registration
+ Setting up a Complete Virtual Summit Sales Funnel in Clickfunnels 
6.  Recording Interviews
+ Crafting Speaker Interview Questions
+ Virtual Summit Interview Best Practices
+ How to Record Guest Speaker Interviews with Google Hangouts
+ Editing + Exporting Your Video in YouTube
+ Preparing Videos for Embedding in Vimeo
+ How to Record Guest Speaker Interviews with
7.  Live Interview Landing Page Design
+ The Easy, Clear Design of a Guest Speaker Interview Landing Page
+ Setting Up a Guest Speaker Interview Landing Page in Clickfunnels
8.  Membership Site Design
+ What to Consider When Choosing Your Membership Site Software
+ Overview of Membership Site Software Options
+ Creating Your All-Access Pass Membership Area in Clickfunnels
Phase 3: Launching (Third 30 Days)
9.  Affiliate Program
+ Creating Promotional Graphics for Each Guest Speaker in Canva
+ Write Email Swipe Copy for Your Affiliates
+ Adding Your Affiliate Program to Your Sales Funnel in Clickfunnels
+ Asking Your Guest Speakers to Sign Up as Affiliates
10.  Promotion
+ Starting Promotional Activities: Scheduling Email, Social Media Posts
+ Hosting a "Sneak Peek" Before Your Summit
+ How to Host an All-Access Pass Giveaway using 
+ How to Schedule an Email in Clickfunnels
11.  Execution
+ How to Execute Your Virtual Summit
+ Scheduling Your Emails to Your Attendees About Guest Interviews
+ Virtual Summit Execution Best Practices
12.  Follow-Up
+ Sending All-Access Pass Membership Login Information
+ Thanking Speakers and Paying Affiliates
+ Leveraging Your Summit for Further Revenue and Growth
"I am loving the content! The first 6 swipe copy emails - They’re fantastic! You’ve just saved me at least 3 hours of work - and I’m a copywriter so I write pretty quickly. I feel like I have my money’s worth just with these email templates alone. And I still have 14 more emails, plus the video scripts to work with? Woo hoo!"
- Donna Barker, Write, Woman, Write
"I am loving Bailey Richert's Virtual Summit School. She breaks the comprehensive summit process down into easily understood and actionable objectives. As an educator and trainer myself, I appreciate this methodical and clear approach to skills acquisition, so perfect to welcome 2017 with aims to host travel-centric summits."
- Gina Alzate, World Tours and Cruises, Inc.
"If you are evaluating whether to launch your own virtual summit, I really encourage you and recommend you to do it with Bailey, to enroll in her Virtual Summit School. You cannot imagine the value that she offers in that course. Not only the content, the course is really well-structured and has all the steps you need to launch your summit successfully. It's really a very good program. Thank you, Bailey, for such great information and support. "
- Cristina Fernandez, Natural Lifestyle
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I am loving the course and how you literally show us how to do every single thing (as opposed to just theory). I am working on my summit now and could not be more excited!  Thank you for creating this course."
- Nevica Vazquez, Nevica Vazquez
"I am loving the course. So simple and a really easy flow from lesson to lesson. Which of course makes it easy to get the summit completed."
- Caressa Thompson, Caressa Lenae
"Man your course is SO AWESOME!! How you've helped us get through the technical domain, server, email craziness is just...beyond!"
- Michelle Lewis, Visibility Vixen
"I really like your course. You deliver it with a straight-ahead, no-fat style that appeals to my need to quickly absorb what I need."
- Stephen Nill, Clarity Channel
In Virtual Summit School, I present two different approaches you can take to creating the technological backbone of your summit: the All-in-One Solution and the Piecemeal Solution. 
If you choose the All-in-One Solution,
I will teach you how to do everything in Clickfunnels!
From setting up your summit funnel to creating your speakers' interview landing pages, accepting payments and creating your affiliate area, I'll use screencasts to show you absolutely everything you need to do to host a successful virtual summit using Clickfunnels.
If you choose the Piecemeal Solution,
Use whichever technologies you like!
I explore all of the necessary types of technology that you will need and explain how these work together to create the virtual summit sales funnel. You are free to create your own funnel solution, landing pages and affiliate area using on the technology you already love. 
Explode your email list. Establish your authority.
Launch your own virtual summit in 90 days.
flex payment plan
6 Monthly Payments
  • 9+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • 90-Day Launch Plan
  • Email + Video Scripts, Worksheets, Templates/Guides
  • Membership in the Students-Only Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to Videos + Future Updates
best value plan
Pay in Full and Save $85
  • 9+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • 90-Day Launch Plan
  • Email + Video Scripts, Worksheets, Templates/Guides
  • Membership in the Students-Only Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to Videos + Future Updates
Frequently Asked Questions
When does this course begin?
The Virtual Summit School online course is self-paced. You will receive immediate access to materials upon registration. Work through them at your leisure; you have access to the member's area for life!
Is this course up-to-date with the latest virtual summit information and tutorials?
Yes! This course is current and up-to-date as of {{mm_dd_yyyy}}. 
Are the course materials downloadable?
The video lectures in this course are not downloadable, but you will have 24/7, lifetime access to your account once you are registered and the course goes live. The scripts, worksheets, templates and guides are downloadable. 
What is your refund policy?
I am confident that you will love your Virtual Summit School course because of all the amazing value it contains. If, however, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, a refund is possible within 7 days of purchase. Please note that customers who request and are granted a refund will have their access to all course materials, including the students-only Facebook group, immediately revoked. Still have questions? Email [email protected]
Explode your email list. Establish your authority.
Launch your own virtual summit in 90 days.
flex payment plan
6 Monthly Payments
  • 9+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • 90-Day Launch Plan
  • Email + Video Scripts, Worksheets, Templates/Guides
  • Membership in the Students-Only Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to Videos + Future Updates
best value plan
Pay in Full and Save $85
  • 9+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • 90-Day Launch Plan
  • Email + Video Scripts, Worksheets, Templates/Guides
  • Membership in the Students-Only Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to Videos + Future Updates

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