Virtual Summit School
Launch Your Own Virtual Summit in 90 Days
Virtual Summit School
Explode Your Email List
Establish Your Authority
Launch Your Own Virtual Summit in 90 Days
Hi, I'm Bailey Richert.
Business Coach for Infopreneurs, 2-Comma Club Awardee, and
"The Queen of Virtual Summits"!
In 2016, I hosted my first virtual summit, and it completely transformed my business - and my life. Since then, I have studied them, perfected my methods, and hosted many, many more.
Today, I'm the internet's foremost expert on virtual summits, having guided hundreds of my students through the process that I developed and use to host my own summits and my VIP clients' summits.
I believe virtual summits are the way to grow an online business in record time, and I'm thrilled to bring my 90-day virtual summit method to you through Virtual Summit School. let me walk you through it!
What if there was an authentic marketing technique you could leverage to explode your email list growth, bring in serious income and establish your authority in your niche in just 90 days?
Spoiler Alert: There is.
Does any of this describe you?
  • Frustrated with slow growth techniques. You're doing freebies, getting on podcasts, but all that is just taking forever to bring in subscribers and sales. You don't have years to wait; you want to get to a level of sustainability in your business now.
  • Lonely because you don't have a tribe of business colleagues to connect and partner with. Whether you're a solopreneur or running a small company, you feel like no one's really in your corner but you. There's no one to talk to, partner with. It's tough.
  • Demotivated because your content, products and services are just as good as the more notable people in your niche - but they're getting all the sales. You know your stuff, but no one else recognizes you as the authority you are in your field - and it's costing you money.
  • Tired because you're hustling 24/7 to make the income you need to keep your business alive, and when all that is on your shoulders, you feel like you can't ever take a break.
Are you nodding your head in agreement?
Then you've come to the right place!
Because I've got something to share with you...
High-Value Course Launch is the 8-week program which shows you how to create and launch a high-value online course from scratch.
This program puts an end to the iconic new course-creator problem
of trying to figure out which tasks they should be doing
and in what order to make money with online courses. 
I walk you through, step-by-step, the process to follow in order to launch
a profitable online course without succumbing to overwhelm

So just who am I?
Virtual Summits
A virtual summit is an online conference featuring dozens of experts in a niche brought together by the event host to share free interviews with an audience.
If you want to grow your business to a sustainable level quickly - bringing in those email subscribers, sales and opportunities - while establishing your authority in your niche, you need to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE.
A virtual summit is an incredible way to accomplish that - all from the comfort of your own home or office.
Imagine what your business and life would look like if you had...
  • Thousands of new email list subscribers - Your community of raving fans blossoms practically overnight, and now you have a pool of potential customers who need your offerings.
  • A revenue surge on top of your current sales - You could use the extra cash to invest in your business in ways you couldn't before when every dollar you were bringing in had to pay for essentials.
  • A group of enthusiastic colleagues eager to promote you and your offerings - Affiliates helping to expand your reach, send you referrals, and just support you? Yes, please.
  • Numerous new opportunities all built authentically from relationships - Interviews, connections, clients - all generated from the value you first provided, not from sleazy sales techniques or quid pro quo's.
  • Extra time and more energy - Time saved from accelerated business growth can now be poured into wellness activities to keep you sane, or strategic business activities, instead of headache-inducing survival tactics.
These goals are achievable.
I know because I've received them through hosting my own summits, and so have my students.

Let me show you how...
Virtual Summit School
Learn my proven system to launch a successful virtual summit of your own in just 90 days.
This is the same system I used to skyrocket my email list to 5-figures, turn my business into a 6-figure online enterprise and establish myself as the "go-to" infopreneur coach on the web.
Why do I call it a "system"? Because it's a 90-day fool-proof plan to creating, launching and hosting an online event whose success is founded upon timeless business principles - not flash-in-the-pan gimmicks, superficial tips or inactionable advice.
Meet Kyrsten
Kyrsten utilized a virtual summit to launch a new part of her web design and branding business serving creative entrepreneurs. She achieved her highest goals for her first summit, generating over $20,000 in revenue, and grew her email list by 4x!
Meet Dan
Dan said Virtual Summit School "saved [his] life" after his employer asked him to host a summit in 90 days to grow their massage therapy business. Dan grew  their email list by 1,500 subscribers and generated over $4,000 in revenue!
Meet Devon
Devon used a virtual summit to launch her entirely new parenting business from scratch! Starting with an audience of 0, Devon gained 6,000 new subscribers and made over $10,000 in revenue to get her business started off right!
Let me share with you how things were going in my business BEFORE I launched my first virtual summit.
I had plateaued. Email subscribers, course enrollees - they were all coming much slower than they used to. I was doing all the 'traditional' growth techniques everyone does: blogging, freebies, podcast guesting - but it wasn't enough. 
I knew I wanted to leverage a marketing technique that was going to help me 1) grow quickly, 2) be authentic (not sleazy!), and 3) achieve multiple growth objectives at once (like email list and revenue and exposure).
I was looking around at my successful peers, and I noticed something...
Everyone else is partnering with other people in their niche who are helping them get ahead. Why wasn't I doing that?
So after surveying all the possible opportunities for collaboration, I landed upon a virtual summit and decided to take the leap and launch my own.
Home Page of my first Infopreneur Summit in 2016
...and I've never looked back!
My first summits injected my business with the revenue and visibility it needed to get off the ground!
My Business Revenue from May 2016 through May 2017
And since that first event, my annual summits have been responsible for helping me collectively achieve:
  • 7,500+ New Email List Subscribers
  • $41,490+ in Revenue
  • $19,170+ in Profit
  • 1,220+ Facebook Group Members
  • 100+ Relationships with Influencers
  • Gigantic Visibility + Opportunities
Learn my proven system to launch a successful virtual summit of your own in just 90 days.
This is the same system I used to skyrocket my email list to 5-figures, turn my business into a 6-figure online enterprise and establish myself as the "go-to" infopreneur coach on the web.
Why do I call it a "system"? Because it's a 90-day fool-proof plan to creating, launching and hosting an online event whose success is founded upon timeless business principles - not flash-in-the-pan gimmicks, superficial tips or inactionable advice.
Check Out My Presentation at FunnelHacking Live!
...and What People Were Saying About It!
So why is it that virtual summits are so effective?
And how can you be sure you'll achieve positive results, too?
Virtual summits leverage online business principles that consistently work.
  •  Leveraging the email lists of your guest speakers - You're not "fishing" out in a wide ocean for potential clients; you're attracting targeted groups with a desirable value-packed event.
  • Everybody wins - As the host, you benefit from your summit the most, but speakers gain valuable exposure, affiliate commissions and more, while summit registrants get valuable free training.
  •  Limited-time nature of the event - Unlike an evergreen course which is available for enrollment anytime, a summit leverages urgency to encourage registrations and sales.
  • Visibility and conversations - By connecting with others and actually talking to them, you increase chances for business opportunities to develop, and making others more aware of you through a video-based event online leads to more purchases, too.
Virtual summits leverage online business principles that work in any niche.
See below some of the REAL niches Virtual Summit School students have hosted summits in:
  • Online Marketing
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • Dentistry
  • Fitness / Exercise
  • Travel Planning
  • Christian Ministry
  • Parenting / Education
  • Mental Health
  • Massage Therapy
  • Relationships
...and many more!
Check Out the Real Summits Launched by Virtual Summit School Students Below!
Meet Jenny
Jenny hosted a virtual summit for her online community for Christian women after seeing other business owners' success with summits. Jenny gained 8,000 subscribers and sold over 1,200 All-Access Passes for her virtual summit!
Meet Chris
Chris is on a mission to help vegans become the best animal advocates possible. After struggling to start a summit without much success, he sought guidance from Virtual Summit School, hosted his event and grew his list by 6,000 registrants!
Meet Rukmini
Rukmini is a Virtual Summit School enrollee who helps health and wellness coaches with the tech side of their businesses and wanted to host a virtual summit to gain visibility in her niche. Rukmini gained 3,000 leads through her event!
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I am loving the course and how you literally show us how to do every single thing (as opposed to just theory). I am working on my summit now and could not be more excited!  Thank you for creating this course."
- Nevica Vazquez, Nevica Vazquez
"I just wanted to say that I cannot thank you enough for putting together such a comprehensive, simple to follow program. I would have been LOST without it - doing about 10 times more work and having twice the frustration. You’ve taken any guesswork out of it.  We now have another great service and revenue stream we can add to our media company because of you!"
- Matthew Peters, Asynd Inc.
"I really didn’t know what I was getting into running my first summit. I did some research, but apparently not enough. It wasn’t until about two months into the creation process when I began feeling burnt out. Everything felt incredibly overwhelming from the technology aspect to the email sequences. I was trying to piece together information from several sources without any luck. That is until I found Virtual Summit School by Bailey. This school has been a godsend. Everything I need to know is all is one place! I’m now feeling so much more confident going into my first summit. Thanks Bailey!"
- Christopher Wilson, Vegan Warrior Academy
"If you are evaluating whether to launch your own virtual summit, I really encourage you and recommend you to do it with Bailey, to enroll in her Virtual Summit School. You cannot imagine the value that she offers in that course. Not only the content, the course is really well-structured and has all the steps you need to launch your summit successfully. It's really a very good program. Thank you, Bailey, for such great information and support. "
- Cristina Fernandez, Natural Lifestyle
What's Included
( TONS of bonuses explained below!)
Take a Closer Look at the 90-Day Launch Plan
Daily instructions to guide you through the 3-phases of launching a virtual summit, in both a color-coded overview as well as detailed text which refers back to relevant modules of the course you'll need to accomplish each task
Meet Ginny
Ginny serves new entrepreneurs just getting started online and wanted to host a virtual summit to educate them on topics beyond her expertise. Through her event, she was able to grow her email list by 6x!
Meet Carolina
Carolina hosted a summit to help educate and empower fellow women entrepreneurs in Latin America start and grow their "purposeful and profitable" businesses. She had over 5,000 registrants for her summit!
"I am loving the content! The first 6 swipe copy emails - They’re fantastic! You’ve just saved me at least 3 hours of work - and I’m a copywriter so I write pretty quickly. I feel like I have my money’s worth just with these email templates alone. And I still have 14 more emails, plus the video scripts to work with? Woo hoo!"
- Donna Barker, Write, Woman, Write
"Virtual Summit School is as advertised and more. There are times when I think this is so overwhelming and then I take a deep breath and just follow your steps outlined. Thank you for making this soooo easy for me to understand. "
- Jenks Brutus, ABX Factor, LLC
"I am loving Bailey Richert's Virtual Summit School. She breaks the comprehensive summit process down into easily understood and actionable objectives. As an educator and trainer myself, I appreciate this methodical and clear approach to skills acquisition, so perfect to welcome 2017 with aims to host travel-centric summits."
- Gina Alzate, World Tours and Cruises, Inc.
"Virtual Summit School was awesome. The documents section was easily the biggest help for me, as someone who's already skilled with building funnels. For me, that was worth it alone.  In terms of the success of the summit as a whole, I grew my list from 0 to 700 in a new industry, which was my goal. I also was able to network and build relationships with industry leaders/influencers in the area I wanted to break into. I definitely recommend doing a virtual summit and also recommend Virtual Summit School."
- Darryl "DJ" Turner, Dental Web Summit
Take a Closer Look at the Templates, Guides + Worksheets
All the collateral you need to plan and execute your summit with ease!
  • 2 Page Planning Worksheet
  • Guest Speaker Checklist
  • Guest Speaker Interview Question Template
  • Interview Landing Page Template
  • Opt-In Page Template
  • Social Media Promo Image Templates
The 12 Course Modules
Module 0. Introduction
How do virtual summits work, specifically? Why are they win-win-win scenarios for all involved, and what should you expect from your efforts? Plus, the 90-day launch plan is reviewed.
Modules 1+ 2. Logistical + Content Planning
Learn how to decide your virtual summit topic, name, ideal length, launch dates, pricing tier, sub-topics and more in this module - the first steps in the 90 Day plan, and part of Phase 1.
Module 3. Technology Overview
Learn what hardware and software options you should consider when deciding how you want to set up your summit online. Includes a cost breakdown and details other considerations besides price you should take into account. Module 3 is also a part of Phase 1.
Module 4. Influencer Outreach
Learn who the best types of speakers are to invite to speak at your summit (hint: it's not the "A-list" influencers as many assume!), and learn ways to discover potential speakers online. Discover techniques to successfully connect with potential speakers. Module 4 is the final part of Phase 1.
Module 5. Sales Funnel Design
Kick off Phase 2 of the 90 day system by learning the ultimate 4-page virtual summit design and how you would utilize the various software options discussed in Module 3 to accomplish this. Discover tips for branding your summit without going broke as well as the easy, clear optin page design that will serve as the homepage of your funnel. Craft the first 2 emails registrants to your summit will receive. 
ClickFunnels Tutorials: How to create your 4-page sales funnel, set up your SMTP (email autoresponder).
Module 6. Recording Interviews
Discover how to craft your speaker interview questions, and learn best practices. Watch tech tutorials about recording with and embedding in Vimeo.
Module 7. Live Interview Landing Page Design
Discover the easy, clear design of a guest speaker interview landing page, which you'll need to broadcast the free sessions during your actual virtual summit.
ClickFunnels Tutorials: Setting up a interview landing page for each guest speaker.
Module 8. Membership Site Design
Learn what to consider when choosing your All-Access Pass Membership site software, including an overview of available options. Module 8 signifies the end of Phase 2.
ClickFunnels Tutorials: Setting your All-Access Pass membership area.
Module 9. Affiliate Program
Phase 3 begins by creating the affiliate program for your summit: how you'll track referral sales made by your guest speakers and other partners. 
ClickFunnels Tutorials: Adding your affiliate program to your funnel.
Module 10. Promotion
Discover promotional techniques to get the most organic reach possible, including "sneak peeks", how to host a viral all-access pass giveaway and more.
ClickFunnels Tutorials: How to schedule an email broadcast in ClickFunnels.
Module 11. Execution
Learn what the actual execution of your live virtual summit requires and the best practices to follow when doing so.
ClickFunnels Tutorials: How to manually post/remove videos from interview landing pages, and how to automate this process using ClickFunnels' countdown timer element.
Module 12. Follow-Up
The live event may be over, but there are a few follow-up activities that need to be completed in order to bring your event to a final close. Discover what those are in this module.
ClickFunnels Tutorials: How to pay your affiliates their commissions from inside ClickFunnels via Paypal.
"I am loving the course. So simple and a really easy flow from lesson to lesson. Which of course makes it easy to get the summit completed."
- Caressa Thompson, Caressa Lenae
"Man your course is SO AWESOME!! How you've helped us get through the technical domain, server, email craziness is just...beyond!"
- Michelle Lewis, Visibility Vixen
"I really like your course. You deliver it with a straight-ahead, no-fat style that appeals to my need to quickly absorb what I need."
- Stephen Nill, Clarity Channel
Meet Marco
Marco is a Virtual Summit School enrollee who followed the guidance in the course to launch the first ever virtual summit in the sales and marketing space online in French! With 1,200 registrants and $4,000 in sales, Marco says his first summit was "a blast"!
Meet Cara
Cara is a Virtual Summit School enrollee who had wanted to host a virtual summit for a while, but really needed the guidance to pull it off. She added 4,000 new leads to her list and made $13,000 with her first virtual summit! Her reaction to those numbers? "Just WOW!"
"I think what I love most is the organization and lack of fluff. Your course allows me to navigate to exactly what I need to do and in which order so I am not back-tracking or wasting my time.  I have been able to set up everything in ClickFunnels (never having used the product before) in a matter of DAYS not weeks and months. 

I've just taken a TON of courses, and it is very seldom that I come across one so utterly complete like yours so thank you! It was worth every penny and then some!"
- Marissa Stone, Simon Says Social
Course Bonuses
Cold Outreach Secrets
$197 Value!
Afraid of hosting your own summit because you won't be able to recruit speakers? This module obliterates that concern by teaching you the proven, authentic way to reach out to anyone in your niche, and get them to collaborate with you!
Supercharge Your Summit
$697 Value!
Want to take your summit results to the next level? Look no further than this bonus module, where I'll be sharing with you my best advanced strategies for improving your summit funnel design, All-Access Pass value and more to get you more sales!
Includes a downloadable order bump template!
Turn Your Summit Funnel Evergreen
$697 Value!
Want to extend the life of your summit beyond the actual, limited-time event to maximize your content and the revenue it can earn? You need to turn your summit evergreen! In this bonus module, you'll learn how to convert the virtual summit funnel you've already created and used for your event into an authentic evergreen funnel to which you can continue to drive traffic and make sales to new registrants - without breaking the trust of previous registrants to whom you advertised your summit would be available for a limited period of time.
Guest Speaker Agreement Template
$497 Value!
Want a lawyer-drafted template you can use to solidify the terms of your working relationship between you and your guest speakers on your virtual summit? You got it with this downloadable, customizable guest speaker agreement template!
Affiliate Agreement Template
$497 Value!
Want a separate, lawyer-drafted template you can use to solidify the terms of your working relationship between you and your affiliates? You got it with this downloadable, customizable affiliate agreement template!
2 High-Converting, Professionally Designed ClickFunnels Summit Funnel Templates (Share Funnels)
$2,497 Value!
Why should you have to create a virtual summit funnel from scratch when I already have high-converting templates? If you're using ClickFunnels to host your summit, you can import these 2 different virtual summit templates into your account with the push of a button, saving you literally hours of work! The best part? Each template is fully customizable - from the copy to the colors and more!
4 Matching-Design Broadcast Page Templates
(ClickFunnels Share Funnels)
$1,997 Value!
In addition to the summit funnel you'll create for your event, you'll need to create landing pages on which to broadcast your interviews during the summit. You'll be provided 2 variations of the broadcast pages for each of the 2 summit templates (totally 4 broadcast page templates) in this course.
Virtual Summit Rolodex
$197 Value!
Want to outsource some of your virtual summit tasks? Utilize this list of independent contractors compiled to help you get your summit done fast! List includes service providers actually used by Bailey and her virtual summit team to get her and her VIP clients' summits done.
Facebook Group for Paid Students Only
$497 Value!
Want to connect with other Virtual Summit School students in a community where questions are encouraged and everyone supports each other? This Facebook group for paid course enrollees only is where you'll find that! You'll be given a link inside the course where you can request access.
Lifetime Access
Thinking about hosting your virtual summit sometime soon? Concerned you might want more than 90 days to do it? No problem! You'll have immediate access upon purchase, and the materials are yours for life! Log in and learn anytime, anywhere.
Free Updates Included
I'm constantly trying new techniques with my own summits (and in my clients') to see how I can achieve better results. When I find one, it goes into the program. Plus - all the tech tutorials are updated regularly to reflect the newest version of ClickFunnels.
Meet Michelle
Michelle is a Virtual Summit School enrollee who helps people get more visibility online. She has launched two summits, with plans for a third! Michelle says hosting her own virtual summit has given her a new skill set, new revenue stream, established her as the authority in online visibility and connected her to tons of people in her niche!
Meet Nnenna
Nnenna is a Virtual Summit School enrollee in the tourism industry in Nigeria. Her tourism summit won her a nomination for "Young Tourism Personality of the Year" at one of Nigeria's top tourism events, the Nigerian Travel Awards! Nnenna says she also benefited from hosting a summit by growing her email list from scratch and connecting with influencers in her niche.
Could you be more specific about the technology?
This course outlines a variety of technologies you can choose from to assemble your virtual summit funnel, including a cost comparison. Also, the structure of the summit funnel is taught without referencing any particular technology.
Since it would be impossible to provide tech tutorials and screencasts of all existing software options available, this course also provides full tech tutorials of a virtual summit funnel + system built in ClickFunnels, an all-in-one software solution for your summit needs. ClickFunnels is the system I use to host my virtual summits, as well as my client's virtual summits. However:
You do not need to use ClickFunnels to succeed with Virtual Summit School!
Everything you need to learn is taught to you regardless of which technology you choose!
Just like the folks in these case studies did, 
What You Need is a Road Map to Show You Where to Start
and how to get to where you are headed
You've found the answer to your business plateau.
Are you ready to take a step towards a bigger, better business today?
If you want to explode your email list, grow your revenue, establish your authority in your niche in an authentic way through relationship-building, Virtual Summit School will show you the 90-day path to making it happen.
Explode your email list. Establish your authority.
Launch your own virtual summit in 90 days.
flex payment plan
6 Monthly Payments
  • 9+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • 90-Day Launch Plan
  • 20 Email + Video Scripts
  • Worksheets, Templates/Guides
  • Guest Speaker Agreement Template
  • Affiliate Agreement Template
  • Cold Outreach Secrets
  • How to Turn Your Summit Evergreen
  • 2 Done-for-You ClickFunnels Summit Funnels
  • 4 Matching-Design Broadcast Page Templates
  • Membership in the Students-Only Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to Videos + Future Updates
best value plan
Pay in Full and Save $85
  • 9+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • 90-Day Launch Plan
  • 20 Email + Video Scripts
  • Worksheets, Templates/Guides
  • Guest Speaker Agreement Template
  • Affiliate Agreement Template
  • Cold Outreach Secrets
  • How to Turn Your Summit Evergreen
  • 2 Done-for-You ClickFunnels Summit Funnels
  • 4 Matching-Design Broadcast Page Templates
  • Membership in the Students-Only Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to Videos + Future Updates
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